Connecting AI

Mindsync is a platform that provides unified access to connect the required capabilities for the AI industry. It brings together businesses, the best talents, services, and solutions in the AI field in one single ecosystem to provide access to scalable task-solving resources and democratize machine learning capacities.

Find your role and benefits

Data Scientists, Developers, AI Experts

Get Computation Power

Access near-unlimited GPU capacities for model training and solving research tasks.

Gain Experience & Earn Rewards

Participate in on-platform competitions to improve your skills and receive generous rewards.

Use AI Solutions

Get access to a huge repository of AI solutions - machine learning models, code and training datasets.

Receive Job Offers

Create a free profile to browse jobs posted on Mindsync and receive offers from businesses looking for experts for their data science projects.

Become a Part of the AI Community

Join the community of experts in the AI industry to share ideas, learn from community members, and meet like-minded experts.

GPU Miners

Get Higher Profit from Sharing GPUs

Share your GPUs on the Mindsync platform and earn profits over and above those that you earn from your traditional mining activities. To lend resources on Mindsync, you don't need to stop your cryptocurrency mining activities — the platform will automatically switch to the more profitable AI mining when your GPUs are needed.


Rent GPU Capacities

Get near-unlimited GPU resources at affordable prices in just two clicks and complete your AI-related business tasks.

Solve AI Tasks with Community Specialists

Launch data science competitions for the Mindsync community professionals to simplify the process of fulfilling AI tasks.

Improve Skills of In-House AI Team

Encourage your team to participate in the interesting competitions on the platform to refine their data science skills.

Hire Professionals in AI

Find the best experts in the field of AI technologies and employ specialists of all levels that have proven their skills in the on-platform competitions.

Token Holders & Platform Users

Earn MAI Token

MAI is an internal token of the Mindsync ecosystem that serves as a form of reward payment for sharing GPUs and taking part in on-platform competitions.

Receive Rewards for Liquidity Mining

Get rewarded for providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges (DEX) on trading pairs with MAI tokens.

Transfer between Ethereum & BSC blockchains

Use MAI tokens in the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain network thanks to the bridge.

Get Additional Benefits

Receive additional advantages from holding MAI tokens in the platform's smart contracts.

  • Increased commissions for miners
  • Discounts on GPU rent and other services on the platform
  • Premium service
  • Higher personal rating score on the platform

Overcoming AI Challenges

Our Vision:

To be the ultimate integration point in the AI world during the ongoing AI evolution

Our mission:

To bring together the best artificial intelligence experts, data scientists, machine learning developers, big data and computing power suppliers, investors, and volunteers together in one place to make AI solutions accessible. Mindsync's global platform exists to democratize machine learning and unlock AI leverage for countless business tasks.

Our Goals:

To reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue, and vastly improve the customer experience.

Community-Driven AI Ecosystem

Find all you need for data science work in one platform.
Mindsync — connecting the AI market.

GPU Resources

AI Human Resources

Data Science

MAI - native token of Mindsync platform

Mindsync token is designed to access AI solutions and to reward participants such as machine learning developers, experts, volunteers and researchers, computing power and big data providers. Mindsync token is a ERC-20 utility token. The number of tokens is limited. Mindsync token is set to run on decentralized blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security of all financial transactions.

You can buy MAI for fiat or other crypto using Centralized or Decentralized Exchanges:

Key Token Information

  • Symbol: MAI
  • Blockchain: Ethereum, BSC
  • Contract: ERC20 / BEP20
  • Type: Utility
  • Total supply:150,000,000 MAI
  • Standart: ERC20, BEP20

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