Mindsync Report for May-June, 2022

This May and June, Mindsync team has been focused on improving the MAI purchase process and the convenience of the platform for various categories of users. You can read more…

Mindsync Progress Report of April, 2022

As we announced in our previous February-January report these spring months are all about refining the MAI purchasing system for your convenience, testing the current functionality, and building our marketing…

Mindsync Progress Report of February-March, 2022

Dear Mindsync community, Our team is ready to announce the Mindsync Progress Report for February and March, 2022. Keep reading about new features on the platform and about our plans….

AI Productivity
Data Siphoning: how to solve AI and big data privacy concerns?
Data Siphoning: Whose AI Are We Teaching, Really?

Data – a near-mythical term, a sort of Holy Grail for businesses around the world and yet unfathomable due to its abstract nature. But there always has been a general…

AI Productivity
Uniswap is the chosen DEX offering advanced solutions and technologies in DeFi
Liquidity Rebalancing – Leveraging Uniswap V3 and Machine Learning

For those who have not been keeping track of 2021 trends in cryptosphere, Uniswap was among the hottest words in this space last year, thanks to the launch of a…

AI Productivity
Available computing power will solve AI issues.
AI and Data Science Desperately Need a Level Playing Field 

The current phase in the evolution of AI is interesting, to say the least. For many solid reasons, AI has become an indispensable tool for many businesses and industries and…

Mindsync Progress Report January, 2022
Mindsync Progress Report of January, 2022

Dear Mindsync community, We are pleased to release the Mindsync Progress Report for January, 2022. Keep reading to learn about Mindsync achievements and project developments of the last month. 2022…

Machine learning with GPU miners
Sharing the Load – How GPU Miners Help Progress AI Science 

Thanks to the astronomical rise in the value of Bitcoin over the last couple of years and the rising interest of institutional investors, ordinary people can no longer ignore cryptocurrencies….

AI Productivity
AI contributes to the future of DeFi
AI Mining – The Revving Engine Behind Decentralized Finance

A whopping $102 billion in total locked value attests to the rise of the decentralized finance phenomenon. DeFi is attracting the attention of not only retail crypto enthusiasts, but major…

AI Productivity
Rented computer power will speed up the AI revolution
The Calculation Wall – Why AI Research Progress Slowed to a Crawl

‘Revolutionary’, ‘disruptive’, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ — we’ve heard these and many more adjectives define AI. Excitement for the evolution of artificial intelligence is valid and universal; stakeholders across borders are patiently awaiting…

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